Want to change the dimension? Move from the sea to the hidden paths of the island…


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From Bol we are riding with a quad for about 45 minutes until we reach a beautiful magnificent Blaca monasteryg.

The Blaca monastery or Pustinja Blaca is one of the several hermitages on Brac Island, situated on the southern side of island. The fascinating Blaca hermitage has developed in the 16th century from a stone cave that was its first nucleus, shrine and dormitory for couple Glagolitic monks who fled the Ottomans. Blaca is most preserved monastery on Brac. Today it is museum with thousands of exhibits, including library with 8000 books, many paintings, telescope, 400-kilo piano, etc.

Our guide will always be taking care of your safety, while giving you information about the beautiful nature and places we are going through.

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